Happy holidays, everyone! It's business as usual around the farm, but with a little added sparkle in my eye that only December can bring. The halls are decked. The dogs are jingle bell collared. The yard is feelin' the spirit. The Christmas music is playing at all times. Most of our presents are ordered. Cookies are baking. I'll just ride this wave of holiday joy for the next few weeks.

November was the month of all things goat milk soap around here. I sold close to 150 bars, packing the flimsy small flat rate boxes past their limit. I haven't made any batches in a couple of weeks, but I can certainly take requests, suggestions and constructive feedback. I heard that many of the labels were smudged when you received them. I can only blame myself for that, as I was in a mad dash packing them up over a few days, and in my haste, I fear my soapy hands were just oily enough to smudge the ink on the labels. I've paid careful attention to the bars I have sent out since, and they all looked good when packaged. Also, I will be adding more essential oils to each batch in hopes of extending the life of the fragrances.

There are plenty bars left here if you need any last minute gifts or stocking stuffers, and I can make any of the soaps into soap on a rope, which are cute gift ideas. The bars are $5 each, and they are made with the best ingredients I can get my hands on, including organic coconut oil, goat milk, and GMO-free rice bran oil, and no synthetic fragrances, just essential oils. Flat rate shipping for up to 6 bars is $6.80, $12.99 for a medium box that probably holds close to 20. That's a lot of soap. You can pay using our email address on PayPal, medderskc@sbcglobal.net.

We still have lots of pigs available for sale, whether weanling pigs to raise or whole pigs butchered. The gift of meat is always an excellent Christmas gift. We are offering whole pigs for $5.50 per pound based on hanging weight, which includes delivery to butcher within 50 miles of Grapeland and butchered/packaged. We are asking for a $300 deposit to go towards the Texas Natural Feeds, a non-GMO/non-soy feed. They will be ready to butcher by the end of February or early March. Contact us for pricing on weanling pigs, which are available now.

We understand that it takes a lot of faith to invest in a whole animal since this is our inaugural pig project. Come visit the farm. See where our pigs live. See the food we feed them. See how we love our animals. You'll appreciate the love and attention they get daily, the land they have to root around on. They are able to be the animals they were meant to be, as opposed to factory farm animals. 

In March, we plan to have a few pigs butchered by a USDA approved butcher, so we will have cuts of pork for sale. We hope to sell individual cuts at farmers markets, to farm visitors and possibly a meat share. We will provide more information when we actually have them butchered. Stay tuned.

Please let us know if you have any questions about our pigs or soaps, goats, chickens or eggs. Or give us a holler if you want to visit the farm. Merry Christmas to everyone!

Love, Karyn