We bought the farm on July 8, 2013, but only it wasn’t a farm yet. It is 69 glorious acres of hills and sandy dirt and lots of pines and oaks and brush. Today is October 10, 2013, and we have cleared a hill and are living on this hill in our 21 foot travel trailer… waiting.

We have waited for weeks (seven weeks) for a home builder to get back with us with an estimate of our home drawings and are still waiting. We have to wait two weeks for our appointment with the CPA in town because his schedule is full. We have to find another builder who is motivated enough to work with us in a reasonable time frame after we square away the financial plan. Then the waiting on the bank begins, which is fun.

The first couple of weeks of transitioning from our 2600 square foot suburban home with a pool to a tiny travel trailer was very hard, learning to live in a tiny space with very little. As time went on, we found our way, consolidating clothing, dishes, cleaning supplies, food, beer, books, and beyond. We get along well, which is what ultimately made this adventure possible.

Going from being a CrossFit coach and constantly being busy to being a stay at home domestic future farmer has been quite a transition. I have always resisted anything domestic. Now, I cook, clean, do laundry at the laundromat, grocery shop, plant garden, tend to dogs, run errands for hubby, etc. He is an engineer and works from home, so my days are sometimes long. I still CrossFit in our front yard or Olympic lift at our storage unit or go to CrossFit Nac an hour+ away in Nacogdoches. I frequent our town library and read for hours at a time, which makes me sleepy, so then I nap. This all keeps me busy, and I will probably look back on this time some day and consider it a real luxury.

One day, we will be REAL hobby farmers with happy animals and beyond organic food grown right on our land. My days will be full as I collect eggs, feed the pigs, set up fences, pick garden, can/preserve excess produce, or whatever needs to be done. But right now…

We wait.