Our beautiful red wattle sows (and tamworth sow who orphaned her babies) had their babies the first week of September, so Chubby Dog Farm red wattle/mangalitsa or tamworth/mangalitsa pork will be available for sale in February of 2017 at their prime slaughter weight. Our pigs are raised on 4 acres of deep east Texas woods, and we supplement them on non-GMO and non-soy Texas Naturals Feed and non-GMO produce. We will be offering WHOLE pigs for $5.50 per pound based on hanging weight, which includes delivery to butcher within 50 miles of Grapeland and butchered/packaged. We are asking for a $300 deposit to go towards feed by the time we wean the pigs which will be the end of *October, as Texas Naturals is much pricier than conventional feed.

We are reactivating our Square App to be able to take credit card deposits, or you can send us a check for your $300 deposit. As of right now, we have 25 pigs with a few already reserved. Contact us soon to be put on the reservation list. We are also working with Appleby Community Farm, a CSA in Nacogdoches, to market our pigs to like-minded people who want healthy, humanely raised animals if you are in that area.

This is our first effort in selling pigs, as we are a new and growing farm. As Michael Pollan wrote in The Omnivore's Dilemma, "... our food dollars can either go to support a food industry devoted to quantity and convenience and 'value', or they can nourish a food chain organized around values--values like quality and health." Our initial goal was to grow our own food... to know what was in our food and feed ourselves the best possible. Now, we have the capability to share our healthy pork with our friends and neighbors. Help us do just that. Reserve your pig today. Love, Karyn

Pate and babies eating.jpg