This past weekend was the 2016 ETGRA's (East Texas Goat Raisers Association) Fall Sale in Fairfield, Texas. We thought long and hard about which goats we could give up in order to better manage our herd since we are concentrating on pork production now. We didn't thin the herd as much as we probably should have because we LOVE them so, but we did take six goats to the sale, hoping to get good prices for them.

Well... we didn't even break even with the price we paid for our lovely and unique does, Pepper and Bailey, and we definitely didn't make back any price for feed and miscellaneous costs. We sold four goats in the auction, made an after-auction deal for Bailey, and came home with Queen's Princess Buttercup because they were offering an offensively small amount for her.

Hard decisions have to be made by farmers daily, and with Calvin working his day job, there simply aren't enough hours in the day for us to manage the amount of goats we had in the deep east Texas climate, plus pigs and chickens AND have any time left over. We want to ENJOY our goats, and frankly, not have to trim hooves, take fecal samples, and worm every single free moment. We're down to our absolute favorite, easy-keeping fourteen goats.

Jimmie Dean's seven remaining orphaned piglets were moved down to the main pig pen yesterday. They will be fed twice per day like the other pigs, with large doses of milk in a big pan, as well as free-choice pig grower feed. The mommas, their piglets and Apollo have been banished to the forest, where we feed them over the fence, and their babies are fat and happy.

Jimmie Dean's pigs are the light colored piglets with random spots.

Jimmie Dean's pigs are the light colored piglets with random spots.

Whilst we are on the subject of pigs... we want to remind you that we will have GMO-free/soy-free forested whole heritage red wattle/mangalitsa pigs available February 2017. We have a Buy Now PayPal button where you can reserve your pig here, and we ask that we receive your deposit by the end of October to help pay for their Texas Natural Feeds. Our preferred butcher is in Madisonville, Texas, but we can discuss other options as needed. We are also working on a basic list of cuts of meat from that butcher. Please let us know if you have any questions in the meantime. Love, Karyn