While we have had some local, national and global tragedies, hardships and overall weirdness this year, 2017 has been a fantastic year for Chubby Dog Farm. It has been a year of growth and learning, winning and waiting. We are reading many posts and articles about good riddance 2017, but we feel a bit differently. That being said, we are not those people who are constantly saying how "blessed" we are. We are not glass-half-full eternal optimists, painting only rosy pictures of our lives to save face. We are realists. And the reality is that farmers live on hope. Hope for favorable weather. Hope for good genetics. Hope for equipment to function, materials to last, fences to hold. Hope for good product. Hope for good customers. Hope for word to spread. Hope to grow and thrive.

Cochon - our pig wins.jpg

Chubby Dog Farm has grown and thrived in 2017. We didn't know how we were going to sell our first litter of pigs, but with the help of culinary events Cochon555 and Chefs for Farmers, and visionary chefs like Chef Matt McCallister of FT33 Dallas, we sold out. We now have a solid customer base to build on, and we are thankful to all of our customers, whether chefs or individuals. We want our pork to be available and accessible to anyone, and we are working to streamline our program to be able to give the best possible price while still making as much as the meat processors make.

Chefs for Farmers Chubby Dog Farm signage.jpg

We are looking forward to 2018, excited about the possibilities. We hope to provide a pig to two Texas Cochon555 events. We hope to get pigs to more restaurants in Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio, and all places in between. We would love to have more individuals come to visit the farm and go "shopping" in our walk-in freezer or stock their freezer with a whole or half pig. It feels nice to have a stocked freezer, and even better knowing that the meat is not only delicious, but raised well, free from the horribleness of factory farms.

We'll be celebrating the new year quietly here at home after preparing for the hard freeze coming our way. While we're looking at pictures of our new grand babies, eating some happy meat and drinking craft beers, we hope you have a fun and safe celebration. Come visit the farm sometime. Happy New Year to everyone!

Karyn & Calvin