Chubby Dog Farm Charcutier Grant

To all charcutiers and chefs in the food industry working in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Chubby Dog Farm will be granting a side of pork in spring 2019 to the best applicant as chosen by some of the finest charcuterie chefs in the DFW area. Applicants must provide their current position, aspirations in charcuterie, current experience level and pictures of their home curing chamber. He/She will need to describe whole utilization of animal and list equipment (grinder, stuffer, refrigeration space). Below is the information required for the grant. Please feel free to use your own format. Include as much information as you would like as long as each line item is addressed.

Pig Grant - Dylan half pig butchery 4.jpg
Misti Norris pig side.jpg

Note: The side of pork granted to each recipient is not intended for resale. It is to be used for research, development and personal consumption only. Consumption of raw or undercooked meat may increase the risk of food borne illness. Chubby Dog Farm is not responsible for any illness that may occur.

Chubby Dog Farm Charcutier Grant Application






Current Position and Restaurant

What charcuterie chefs have you worked with or have inspired you? Why?

Charcuterie Experience Level (past project successes and failures)

Aspirations in Charcuterie

What heritage pig breeds have you been exposed to in the past, and what is your favorite aspect of each?

Understanding the expectation of utilizing nose to tail, describe how each part will be utilized as charcuterie. (Note: Sausage is too general… describe what type of salumi.)

Please list equipment and send pictures of your curing chamber that you have access to, any equipment that you have access to, past or current projects, and any further information that may benefit your application.

Send Application and pictures to